Dr. C. R. Sasidaran Pillai, Director, PHiMSR

Dr.CRSPillai"Pillai HOC Institute of Management Studies and Research, Rasayani, is an institution offering programs which has created a conducive atmosphere for learning through the creation of a stimulating and challenging environment measured in terms of infrastructure, ambience, faculty and above all the pedagogy that is used for teaching.

The emphasis on personality building ensures that our students brings to their work place positive personal qualities, a greater maturity, an understanding of interpersonal dynamics and well developed communication skills. The softer but crucial aspects of management training are "character" or "attitude" building, developing a mind-set for holistic, systemic thinking and recognizing skills for administration; all these in addition to the conventional inputs towards development of analytic, rational skills. We are even expanding this platform by introducing several other courses in the coming year and expect various other corporate to participate in the new activities and initiatives that we plan to undertake. I have made a target for myself to equip my students with the fundamentals, so that they excel in their life, achieve all their goals and thus enjoy life."