Sports Report


Sports Report 2018-19
Name of CompetitionsAge GroupDateNo. of ParticipantsPosition / Remarks
Mumbai University Swimming Champ.Men26th September, 2018Participation
MES Inter Collegiate Sports Champ.Men & WomenJuly - February 2018-1914 Girls & Boys12th Position

Sports Report 2017-18
Event / CompetitionNo. of ParticipationCompetition DateCompetition VenuePosition
MES Inter Collegiate Basketball (M & W) Championship246th October, 2017HOCMen 6th
Women 7th

Sports Report 2016-17
EventName of the ChampionshipNo. of Students ParticipatedResult
Sports and GamesMES Inter Institutions Sports Meet for 10 Games169th Position

Sports Report 2014-15
EventPositionNo. of Students Participated
Pillai HOC Campus Open Cricket Tournament6th12 boys

Sports Meet is annually conducted in each academic year.