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Welcome to the intense, tranformative and challenging year of your life.


Mr. D. M. Katre, President

Reliance Industries Ltd.
Teaching General Management and Perspective Management at PHiMSR

The Approach : Challenge yourself with research-based learning and real-world experience. Other programs ask you to sit back and betaught. At PHiMSR, you lean forward and actively learn. You will be among some of the most interesting and talented people you will encounter in your life.

PHiMSR Timeline : Time, Money, Opportunity three very valuable resources. With that in mind, we asked for input from faculty, recruiters, students and alumni when we designed our curriculum. The result is an intense, integrated two-year program focused on the long-term career success of our students, not just a collection of courses. Our program format accelerates your capabilities at record speed. You start with a solid foundation of business knowledge, understanding how and when to apply your learning. You develop the ability to see the big picture – the hidden threats and the growing opportunities. Next, round out your experience and apply this learning to real-world projects and career-focused electives. It is a comprehensive, focused and transformational year. We are confident that you will look back on this year as one of your best. You're ready;

Who We Are – Enriching Experience

MOU with MACCIA Dr. Pradip P Chatterjjee, Director, PHiMSR Signed MOU with Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (MACCIA)

Mumbai University Conference 2015Dr. Pradip P Chatterjjee, Director, PHiMSR with Ms. Rani Mukherjee and Dr. Naresh Chandra, Pro-Vice Chancellor at Mumbai University Conference

tgemba Trans-Global Executive MBA Program. Student Exchange program with St. Mary's School of Economics & Business Administration, USA

PHiMSR-students-receiving-award-from-NIPM PHiMSR students receiving award from National Institute of Personnel Management (NIPM)

Convocation Convocation Ceremony

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"PHIMSR programs are FORWARD LOOKING and EXTREMELY RELEVANT to today's business trends and challenges. PHIMSR's Top-leading faculty members create a living network of ideas - one that challenges you to think rigorously and encourages you to put your thinking into action"